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teaspeak in oresamateacher

Fic (WIP): Hot Messes and Mornings After (Chapter 1)

So, I come bearing a gift to our beloved Oresama Teacher fandom...I'm starting a multi-chapter fic! I haven't written fanfiction in years or posted anything publicly before, so here is my attempt to get it into it. I don't know how long this story will be yet, but it will hopefully have about ten chapters or so.

Hope you enjoy it--comments and suggestions are appreciated. The chapter link is a fake-cut to my journal. X-posted here at ff.net.


Title: Hot Messes and Mornings After
Author: teaspeak
Series: Oresama Teacher
Pairing: Undecided. Tentatively Takaomi/Mafuyu.
Rating: T, but will go up in later chapters.
Warnings: Profanity, angst, mild suspense, drama, violence, sexual tension and references as of now; more to come.

Disclaimer: Oresama Teacher is not mine. If it was, Mafuyu would have experienced an incredible amount of unresolved sexual tension with everyone multiple times by now.

Summary: Introducing Mafuyu, the college graduate. Having had no contact with Saeki for the past three years and living a rather mundane life, it gets shaken up again with a “crash into hello,” a single bed, and a new set of Saeki Takaomi’s problems.

Note: AU future-fic, after the manga's expected ending. This takes place three years after Mafuyu’s graduation from high school. In this fic, Mafuyu attended and graduated from a three-year junior college program (basically, a local college that offers an undergraduate degree, especially for women in Japan).

Chapter 1: Idle Summer Days )