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teaspeak in oresamateacher

Fic (WIP): Hot Messes and Mornings After (Chapter 3)

Okay, so I feel like I'm posting a lot here...I wish there was more of an influx of entries for this community! But aside from that, Chapter 3 of this fic is up. I hope I do the characters justice.

This particular chapter was quite long, about 6,000+ words, written in about 3 days. I feel like I've been sort of on an inspirational roll with this fic, having started it last week. As I continue to construct the plot and it gets more complicated, I'm hoping this fic will be worth your while to read. Thank you for everyone who read it so far, I hope you're enjoying the plot. :)

As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated; I'd love to know what you think. The chapter link is a fake-cut to my journal. X-posted here at ff.net.


Title: Hot Messes and Mornings After
Author: teaspeak
Series: Oresama Teacher
Pairing: Undecided. Tentatively Takaomi/Mafuyu.
Rating: T, but will go up in later chapters.
Warnings: Profanity, angst, mild suspense, drama, violence, sexual tension and references as of now; more to come.

Disclaimer: Oresama Teacher is not mine. If it was, Mafuyu would have experienced an incredible amount of unresolved sexual tension with everyone multiple times by now.

Summary: Introducing Mafuyu, the college graduate. Having had no contact with Saeki for the past three years and living a rather mundane life, it gets shaken up again with a “crash into hello,” a single bed, and a new set of Saeki Takaomi’s problems.

Note: AU future-fic, after the manga's expected ending. This takes place three years after Mafuyu’s graduation from high school. In this fic, Mafuyu attended and graduated from a three-year junior college program (basically, a local college that offers an undergraduate degree, especially for women in Japan).

For previous chapters, click here.

Chapter 3: Pancake Connection )


I really need to read this hnng. Sounds wonderful, I just haven't had the time! I'm personally not a huge fan of Kurosaeki though.
Ahh, awesome! When you get the chance, please tell me what you think! :D

Also, the fic is still in its early stages, and while there's Kurosaeki, there's a lot of ship-teasing with others too since I haven't completely made my mind up about the pairing yet, haha. Anyway, who are your fave couples? :)
I love Kuro(anybanchou), to be honest. So Mafuyu and Kangawa, Mafuyu and Okegawa and mini!Mafuyu and Takaomi-kun! (he isn't banchou anymore though :|) Ayaben and Mafuyu is... okay, but they're less romantic and more platonic love. Same for Hayasaka, except he's like an overprotective older brother.
For other characters, Wakana and Shinobu is just adorable, and AU!Natsuo and Kanon would definitely be shipped by me.

I'm going to read it now!