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Fic (WIP): Hot Messes and Mornings After (Chapter 4)

Wow, so it's been a month since my last fic update...still trying to keep this community going!

While I've been trying to get the rest of the plot outlined, I've been having the already published chapters beta-ed for any errors. Aside from that, this chapter was pretty fun to write, and in the next few chapters, one of the major plot points will start to emerge. Also, for those of you reading, thanks again for your support! I'd like to know who your fave couples are and who you'd like to see enter in the plot! At this point, reader feedback and interaction will help me map out what routes I can take and will allow me to know what you guys would be interested in reading.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated; I'd love to know what you think. The chapter link is a fake-cut to my journal. X-posted here at ff.net.


Title: Hot Messes and Mornings After
Author: teaspeak
Series: Oresama Teacher
Pairing: Undecided. Tentatively Takaomi/Mafuyu.
Rating: T, but will go up in later chapters.
Warnings: Profanity, angst, mild suspense, drama, violence, sexual tension and references as of now; more to come.

Disclaimer: Oresama Teacher is not mine. If it was, Mafuyu would have experienced an incredible amount of unresolved sexual tension with everyone multiple times by now.

Summary: Introducing Mafuyu, the college graduate. Having had no contact with Saeki for the past three years and living a rather mundane life, it gets shaken up again with a “crash into hello,” a single bed, and a new set of Saeki Takaomi’s problems.

Note: AU future-fic, after the manga's expected ending. This takes place three years after Mafuyu’s graduation from high school. In this fic, Mafuyu attended and graduated from a three-year junior college program (basically, a local college that offers an undergraduate degree, especially for women in Japan).

For previous chapters, click here.

Chapter 4: Break and Run )



well i'll be really glad if takaomi and mafuyu are paired and well i really love oresama teacher its my favorite so i wish to read new upcoming volumes quickly ... looking forward for the new update :) <3