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Character Appreciation Post: Shibuya Aki

So, this community has been getting a slow amount of members, which is always nice!

I've had the luck of studying in China, so I've been reading the Chinese scanlations, which are up to chapter 85, and I just want to tell everyone that it's amazing. B-because, anything with Shibuya Aki can't be anything less than amazing, right? I won't write any spoilers, but if anyone's curious, just tell me! I'll white-out everything.

But that's not the point. The point is that it made me fall in love with Shibuya Aki again. So this is a post, to express my and, if you like his character, your love for the womanizer, Shibuya Aki.

WARNING: Pretty image heavy!

There are, of course, many things we can love about him, but first, his wonderful looks.
1 first ever appearance.




eckkk don't you love him? <3

So, declare your love for him! And shout out to the world (blog) how amazing he is!

Okay, well. Since just that is a bit... boring, I'm going to let you all write a prompt or something (not kinky, please?) and I'll try my best to write a drabblish story involving this wonderful character. You can go on anon if you want, or even better, you can try to fill a few requests yourself!

Well, here are a few examples: Aki is an aspiring fashion designer, and he wants a model. Whether it's one of the club boys or Mafuyu or even Higashi High students - or maybe even Komari, I don't mind!

Or, Aki knows so much about baking because he loves it himself.

Or, Aki has a suuuper secret sadistic side! *AKIWINK*

Or, anything, really?

You can just write his good points or *gasp* bad points, or who you like shipping him with, as if there was a choice!

...And, I guess that's it! his EXPRESSIONS HNNNNNNNNNG