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teaspeak in oresamateacher

Fic (WIP): Hot Messes and Mornings After (Chapter 6)

Hello again, everyone. It's been close to four months since an update, but I figured it was time. Real life is no joke. Full-time job took over and I just hadn't found time until now. Anyway, since I said I would try to update more consistently, I will try to get the next chapter out sooner than later (also depends on my beta, who is going to be moving in a couple of weeks). Bottom line is, this fic is still alive, and is being actively written and edited carefully, so don't worry.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated; I'd love to know what you think. The chapter link is a fake-cut to my journal.

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Title: Hot Messes and Mornings After
Author: teaspeak
Series: Oresama Teacher
Pairing: Undecided. Tentatively Takaomi/Mafuyu.
Rating: T, but will go up in later chapters.
Warnings: Profanity, angst, mild suspense, drama, violence, sexual tension and references as of now; more to come.

Disclaimer: Oresama Teacher is not mine. If it was, Mafuyu would have experienced an incredible amount of unresolved sexual tension with everyone multiple times by now.

Summary: Introducing Mafuyu, the college graduate. Having had no contact with Saeki for the past three years and living a rather mundane life, it gets shaken up again with a “crash into hello,” a single bed, and a new set of Saeki Takaomi’s problems.

Note: AU future-fic, after the manga's expected ending. This takes place three years after Mafuyu’s graduation from high school. In this fic, Mafuyu attended and graduated from a three-year junior college program (basically, a local college that offers an undergraduate degree, especially for women in Japan).

For previous chapters, click here.

( Chapter 6: Newsflash )


;u; the unique character relationships are the best in this series, yesyes. Takaomi is this huge mystery on what relationship he has with Mafuyu, and it's so fun to just read through it ;u; (He's been acting a lot more like a teacher lately, which is actually pretty cool! //i need to see more out-of-school kurosaeki though aaa)

daklsdj pairings. I know that I want Hayasaka and Yui to be bros with Mafuyu forever, but for relationships... (harem? or something? aaa)

:O it's been a while since Pandascans had activity! I hope he continues the project :x

(...I should translate those 4-komas though haha cough cough.)